Why Demi Lovato’s Fans Think Her New Song ’29’ Is About Her Ex Wilder Valderrama

Is Demi Lovato’s upcoming song about her ex-Wilmer Valderrama? Fans seem to think so! An unreleased song from the singer’s upcoming eighth studio album “Holy Fvck” recently went viral on TikTok and has social media thinking it could be about her longtime ex-boyfriend and their 12-year age difference. “Far from innocent/what the f**k’s consent?/Numbers told you not to/but that didn’t stop you. Finally, 29/Funny, just like you were you at the time/Thought it was a teenage dream/just a fantasy/But was it yours or was it mine?” Demi sings in the song. The former couple met when Wilmer was 29 and Demi was 17, but the “Skyscraper” singer told Complex in 2015 that the “That ’70s Show” star waited until she was 18 to pursue her. They officially started dating in 2010 before breaking up six years later in 2016.