Megan Thee Stallion Recalls Photo Shoot Where She Was Given Sample-Size Clothes: ‘Nobody Tell Y’all My Size?’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Megan Thee Stallion is diving deep into the world of fashion with her own inclusive swimwear collection with Fashion Nova, and it’s all about body positivity! “I want everybody to know that it’s OK to not be built the same. Everybody is not going to have an itty bitty waist … So, girls, celebrate what your body is,” the rapper told Access Hollywood. Plus, Megan looked back on a personal experience that sparked her interest in making an impact with fashion and creating space for all body types. “I remember this one time, I went on this magazine shoot, and everybody was trying to put me in sample-size clothes. And I was like, ‘Nobody tell y’all my size?’ I don’t understand!” she shared. Megan’s collection with Fashion Nova is available now.