JoJo Siwa On The Downsides Of Fame & How She Deals With Haters: ‘Not Everyone Is Going To Be Happy’

JoJo Siwa is showing fans a new side of her as she tries new adventures in her new Facebook Watch show “JoJo Goes.” “I said, I want this show to be real, I don’t want there to be scripts I don’t want there to be anything. I want people to just see the behind the curtain this is what I’m like,” she told Access Hollywood. The superstar also opened up about how her relationship with girlfriend Kylie Pew is different this time around. “I think one of the biggest differences is that we like have our little [bickering] now, which are like actually really fun you know what I mean, because before we just would never fight and never have conflict or anything, and you have to,” she said. The 19-year-old also talked about how Kylie is adjusting to the limelight and got candid about the ups and downs of fame. “JoJo Goes” premieres on Facebook Watch June 23.